Agora+D looks for good practices on integration of Disability in CSR

The European Network for CSR and Disability (CSR+D Network), initiative led by Fundación ONCE and co-funded by the European Social Fund,has recently launched Agora+D: the new platform that will gather good practices reflecting the integration of Disability in CSR, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship strategies of top performer organizations from the public and private sectors.

The new platform was launched last month and we are looking for good practices including the disability dimension performed by any organization that might be interested in participating in Agora+D as partners.

See the new Agora +D brochure Agora+D_Brochure and the link to the Network News:

Agora+D has been designed with the objective of generating and sharing innovative, efficient and realistic good practices including the disability dimension among companies, social entrepreneurs, foundations and public institutions, addressing inspiration to all kind of agents wishing to integrate disability in their strategies and policies.

Agora+D look forward to hearing from you!


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Twitter account: @csrd_eu