Basque Country SC call for proposals


TRANSITION Basque Country (Denokinn) is selecting 50  social innovations that will undergo TRANSITION Social Innovation Journey, benefiting from Denokinn support and incubation services. Entrepreneurial capabilities , feasibility of the social innovation presented and its social impact will be evaluated.


Any person or entity with a project may participate in the coompetition.

You can either present an initial idea or an established business with a strong social and innovative connotation: the more developed , more innovative and more social the idea is, the better.

Submitted projects will be assessed by an expert group in terms of their quality, originality and feasibility.

Selected projects will be supported for 6 months at the premises of Social Innovation Park: here selected social innovators will further improve their project with the help of a group of experts in entrepreneurship.

At the end of this Social Innovation Journey,  participants will pitch in front of a prestigious panel presenting their projects ad explaining the journey they went through with the support of TRANSITION Basque Country Scaling Centre, Denokinn.

If you want to be part of TRANSITION Basque Country please contact Javier Riano: