Be part of the European Lab for Social Innovation Incubation: ESIIN – Learn | Share | Exchange | Engage

Rome (Italy), 29th May 2015. TRANSITION organised and run its Network Development Event, “In TRANSITION towards ESIIN”, a key milestone in the project lifetime: this event represented the official opening of a European platform for social innovation incubators, ESIIN. After 20 months spent designing, developing, implementing methods and tools to support social innovators, TRANSITION opened up the close network of six scaling centres to a wider community of incubators, accelerators, fab-labs, co-working spaces, etc.

The ESIIN platform aims to act as a social innovation incubation lab, by generating and sharing new evidence on the role and the impact that incubation plays in increasing the level of positive impact which European innovators and companies have on the wider Society.

The European Social Innovation Incubation Network is about this, facilitating the sharing of best practices, best processes, tools, methods to support social innovation in Europe and beyond. We believe that by harnessing the power of a larger network we can ensure that successful local projects supported by an incubator can help address/”bridge” common social problems at a wider geographical level and make a positive impact on Society across the areas in need addressed in Horizon 2020.

Supported by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation and launched as a spin-off of the TRANSITION project, ESIIN purpose is to raise the visibility of European social innovation and social innovation incubation, facilitate the exchange between social innovation incubators across Europe, and enhance the social innovation incubation ecosystem to better support the development and growth of social entrepreneurs and innovators.

ESIIN is a community of professionals providing dedicated support to social innovators to scale in the most effective and efficient way, delivering sustainable and social impact. Incubators are invited to join this community and register on ESIIN platform,,  an online meeting place to start conversations with other social innovation incubation practitioners, create connections, build partnerships, better support local projects to scale across Europe.

In order to register, organisations are asked a few questions to verify their actual interest and involvement in social innovation incubation related activities. Once approved, their profile will be visible online and will be able to access the Social Innovation Journey Toolbox, and the match making platform sections.

Particularly the match making area will enable ESIIN members to access many opportunities in developing projects, delivering or benefiting from services, and for scaling social innovations. These interactive features will be available in Autumn 2015. In the meantime incubators have been invited to participate to the co-creation of ESIIN in order to make it a valuable and sustainable tool for social innovation and social innovation incubation in Europe and beyond. @ESIINeu

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