Centre Francilian de l’Innovation – Paris Region Entreprises [PRE], France

Paris Region Entreprises (PER), is an innovation support agency enabling cross-sectoral innovation approach and fostering an innovation network in the Paris Region. Devoted to promote and support “Responsible Innovation”, PER provides specific expertise and mentoring support to innovation projects driven by SMEs.

PER is implementing the Paris Region innovation and economic development policy in close cooperation with PREDA (Paris Region Development Agency): a policy oriented with a view to enhance a social and environmental shift of the Paris Region economy. PER has close ties with all public organizations and authorities in charge of environmental and social issues in the region.

Contact person:    Catherine Von Dahle

Email:                     Catherine.VonDahle@parisregionentreprises.org

Website:                 www.innovation-idf.org

Twitter:                  @InnovationIdF