Key objective of TRANSITION project is the creation of a European Social Innovation Incubation Network (ESIIN).

Funding members of ESIIN are TRANSITION partners, that will shape, design, organize and establish a European Network dedicated to Social Innovation Incubation. ESIIN will ensure the continuation of support to social innovation beyond TRANSITION project lifetime.

By encouraging incubators outside this project to learn from TRANSITION results will enable the positive outcomes of the project to be adopted and implemented widely. A new formal network of social innovation incubators will be created starting from the successful methodologies designed and tested by TRANSITION scaling centres across Europe.

A Network Development Event will be organized in 2015 inviting incubators from all over Europe –who may or may not already being incubating social innovations- to present TRANSITION activities and methodologies and to involve other incubators in the Social Innovation Journey.

Should you be interested in being involved in the European Social Innovation Incubation Network (ESIIN) contact us: or