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We are an innovation centre who researches, develops and implements new innovation management theories and techniques that contribute to social progress.

The Basque Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and New Business Development specializes in social innovation to address unmet and/or emerging social needs.

Denokinn promotes the first social innovation park in Europe. The SIP is a comprehensive support infrastructure for the whole innovation process: from the ideas to the market.

We are partners of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and Partners of MIT, SIX, and Euclid.

Short description of programme and tools

As part of our practical innovation development work we run the Rapid Business Prototyping (RBP), a new business support programme designed to rapidly accelerate the launch and growth of innovative enterprises.

General principles of the methodology are:

  • Systematize the entrepreneurship. We’re able to learn to become entrepreneur. That’s a learning process. We use a systematic process to develop the entrepreneur competence; we have designed a pathway from the idea to the market. We propose this “journey” to become a entrepreneur.
  • It is based on creativity, “inspiration” you can set up from zero or with a preconceived business idea
  • Informal space where it is possible to create and “explore” business opportunities with others in a team
  • Entrepreneurship and intraentrepreneurship
  • rom raising ideas to market launch

This is the RBP process:

  • raising signals, data and information
  • concept creation and options generation
  • opportunities exploration
  • going into the market


Denokinn was born in 2008. In these 5 years, we’ve help to develop more than 20 enterprise in the fields of health, social, education, energy, mobility by demand, ageing, etc. (;;


Address Social Innovation park

Polígono El Arbol

Parcelas 25 y 26

48980-Santurtzi (Bizkaia)

Contact Person Pilar Tovar
Phone +34 94 493 81 25
Twitter @sinnpark