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The Social Entrepreneurs Agency is a non-profit institution founded in 2007 by a group of social entrepreneurs. The
agency develops and implement social entrepreneurship projects that contribute to social, economic, cultural and
environmental sustainability in favour of the local and integrated development.
Since 2008, The Agency is present in different territories to implement projects that promote the economical
integration of local communities and individuals. This integration involves the creation of income-generating
activities, by individual training and development of entrepreneurial skills adapted to the labour market, based
on the Personal Branding methodology, or, through the development of new social businesses to create new jobs.

Programme Examples

The programme consists of training sessions and individual support for all the selected projects with the aim of scaling-up of social innovations.

The training sessions are delivered in a small/medium group format (10-15 people) facilitated by experts in the area using the new Social Innovation Journey supported by a tool that was developed specially for this.

The training session occurres during 6 sessions of 3 hours each, every week, divided in 2 groups (day / night) according to the entrepreneur’s availability.

The main subjects of the training program are:

1 – Me;  2 – The Idea; 3 – The project; 4 – Planning; 5 – Piloting/growing; 6 – Business plan; 7 – Sustainability

Each session is organized in two parts:

  1. A theoretical introduction to the subject, methodologies and tools
  2. A practical part where participants are asked to apply the tools and to develop their ideas according to the inputs and suggestions received by the team.

At the end of each session a general presentation is held in order to share the achievements, to answer to any open question about the use and the aim of the tools presented and to foster a mutual and peer to peer system of feedback and suggestions.


Address Social Entrepreneurs Agency
Largo do Amor Perfeito, 9B
Adroana – 2645-626 Alcabideche
Contact Person Ana rita Rodrigues
Phone (+351) 21 460 50 07