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Since 2009, Paris Region Entreprises has supported the development of Paris Region firms by coaching their projects which have high economic, social and environmental added value seeing that the projects mature, become structured and get launched.

A structured, progressive approach

Expert in engineering innovation projects, Paris Region Entreprises coaches firms to map out the framework for and to really take charge of their innovation projects. Together with each firm, the Center studies the innovation project in all its dimensions: technical, commercial, legal, financial and managerial, and then proposes a personalized action plan to accomplish it, in addition to keeping track of the firm for the duration of its project.

Overall the Center’s coaching approach, involves reducing the uncertainty and risk inherent in any innovation and R&D effort, and saving the firm time by connecting them directly to the right people, partners and networks.

6 keys to leveraging innovation & growth

The coaching method highlights six points which have been identified as key to leveraging innovation and high growth :

  1. Latest advances in academic research
  2. Public and private financing
  3. Promotion of the offers of Paris Region’s innovative firms
  4. Sustainable development approach
  5. Partners and networking skills
  6. International cooperation and development

Coaching style adapted to the needs of each firm

The Center has put into place a coaching policy which is oriented towards responding to firms’ needs at each step of their growth-through-innovation projects.

Collective Coaching

Collective Coaching is a program of informational workshops and networking for potentially innovative and/or innovative firms. Its goals are to transmit them the keys and best practices to manifest their successful development.

Diagnosis & Orientation

Diagnosis analyzes the environment in which the firm is evolving taking into account the attractiveness of both the targeted sector(s) (opportunities and threats) and of the firm itself in terms of intrinsic potentialities (strengths and weaknesses). The goal is to help the firm define the added value of its innovation projects and to create a framework for their realization. This coaching involves defining both:– the main steps of each project such as the analysis of market needs, the identification of and specification of solutions (research, feasibility, project requirements), the realization (development) and the tests (experimentation) –the deliverables to be produced which will enable the firm to secure the concurrent development of technological, economic, legal, financial and human aspects. Encouraging a broadened supplier base, the Center offers to connect the firm with qualified contacts corresponding to the diagnosed needs.

Individual, Personalized Coaching

The Individual, Personalized Coaching begins after a phase of deep diagnosis. It occurs once the added value of the innovation project has been formalized and judged as having significant impact economically and/or in terms of sustainable development. The Center then intervenes, coaching the firm through all key phases of its approach to development through innovation.

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