In TRANSITION towards ESIIN: what happened in Rome at the end of May?

On May 29th, TRANSITION organised its Network Development Event: In TRANSITION Towards ESIIN

TRANSITION proposed its programme divided into two main sessions:

  1. How to support socially innovative businesses? (Plenary Session)
  2. Launch of the European Social Innovation Incubators Network & Special Interest Group (Plenary Session)

The day was then closed by Louis Goldish – MIT Venture Mentoring Service (United States), who shared some lessons and outcomes of the event.

1 How to support socially innovative businesses?

In this first session TRANSITION partners provoked the audience introducing key differences between mainstream incubation and social innovation incubation by addressing 4 simple questions: Why, Who, What, and How? Incubators where challenged to think about main differences, if there are big differences, and what is so specific about social innovation incubation.

By providing concrete examples, TRANSITION partners presented the Social Innovation Journey: a dedicated framework support methodology for incubators willing to scale social innovation in Europe.

2 Launch of the European Social Innovation Incubators Network & Special Interest Group

This second session opened with a concrete excercise: participants were asked  to take on the role of social innovators and come up with their Social Business Model Canvas. The audience was divided in groups, they “received” a cow, and they were asked to develop a social innovation out of it and to prepare their SBMC. Two simple rules: NO CLONING – NO KILLING. The groups came out with different ideas that were then pitched in front of the audience.

This concrete experience was followed by the presentation of Matteo Bartolomeo, Make a Cube, an incubator in Milano which has followed TRANSITION activities since the very beginning. Make a Cube provided a good example of how an incubator may engage with TRANSITION and participate in its sustainability strategy by joining and contributing to the European Social Innovation Incubation Network.

The session ended with the launch of ESIIN platform: a social innovation incubation lab, by generating and sharing new evidence on the role and the impact that incubation plays in increasing the level of positive impact which European innovators and companies have on the wider Society.

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