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logo BENISIBENISI FP7 Project – Building a European Network of Incubators for Social Innovation

The BENISI partners seek to build a Europe-wide network of networks of incubators for social innovation. This network will proactively identify at least 300 social innovations that are identified with high potential for scaling successfully, and ensure the delivery of necessary support services to those social innovations. Networks are already structured in a collaborative mode; they are more able to spread knowledge and practice horizontally and they are the perfect ally when trying to develop a Europe-wide programme that needs to balance local action with continent-wide strategy and vision.

imagesTEPSIE Project – Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Foundations for Social Innovation in Europe

TEPSIE is a research collaboration between six European institutions aimed at understanding the theoretical, empirical and policy foundations for developing the field of social innovation in Europe. The project explores the barriers to innovation, as well as the structures and resources that are required to support social innovation at the European level. The aim is to identify what works in terms of measuring and scaling innovation, engaging citizens and using online networks to maximum effect in order to assist policy makers, researchers and practitioners working in the field of social innovation.

download SI Drive logoSI Drive Project – Social Innovation – Driving Force of Social Change

Based on the theoretical framework and the related research questions the methodology of SI-DRIVE will focus on mapping, analyzing and promoting social innovations in Europe and other world regions to better understand and enable social innovations and their capacity for changing societies. This will include the identification and assessment of success factors, barriers and driversof Social Innovation in the seven policy areas, supporting reciprocal empowerment in various countries and social groups to engage in Social Innovation for development, working towards Europe 2020 targets and sustainable development.

Relevant Publications

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