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Welcome to the Transition eMag, where we explore the tools and methods for incubating social innovation which have evolved from our efforts in incubating social innovation projects across Europe. Transition is a consortium funded by the European Commission, tasked with scaling up 300 social innovations across Europe over 2.5 years. Based from this experience Transition has developed the Social Innovation Journey – our action format for social innovation incubation. Over the next four issues, we will explore the Social Innovation Journey in more depth, and give you case studies for how this tool has been used in practice. 

TRANSITION eMag #1 – 28 May 2015: download it heNuova immagine (14)re

EXPLORE the Social Innovation Journey: WHY

READ the interviews to the Scaling Centre: Joe Greaney, TRANSITION Ireland West (WestBIC)

LEARN how to use tools: Social Business Model Canvas

DISCOVER the Transition Travelers: Simplon.Co (TRANSITION Paris Region), The Human Network (TRANSITION Basque Country)


TRANSITION eMaemag2g#2 – 17 September 2015: download it here

EXPLORE the Social Innovation Journey: WHO

READ the interviews to the Scaling Centre:Greg Winfield, TRANSITION London (Young Foundation)

LEARN how to use tools: The Spark Sessions; Empathy Mapping

DISCOVER the Transition Travelers: ONE TOUCH (TRANSITION Ireland West), iBattilastra (TRANSITION Milano)

DISCOVER the Transnational StartUp Lab Travelers: SpareSpace, SchoolRaising, E-Lab Europe, Recyclivre


TRANSITION eMag#3 – 10 December 2015: download it here

eMag#3EXPLORE the Social Innovation Journey: WHAT

READ the interviews to the Scaling Centres: Anna Meroni, TRANSITION Milano (POLIMI-DESIS Lab); Ana Rita Rodrigues, TRANSITION Lisbon (SEA-Social Entrepreneurs Agency)

LEARN how to use tools: Thinking Outside the Comfort Zone Box; Top 5 tips for developing a business plan: is it investor ready?

DISCOVER the Transition Travelers: SOLLUNE (TRANSITION Paris Region), Associação Sonha, Faz e Acontece (TRANSITION Lisbon)


TRANSITION eMag#4 – 01 February 2016: download it here

Cover eMag4EXPLORE the Social Innovation Journey: HOW feasible/ HOW viable

READ the interviews to the Scaling Centres: Michel Daigney, TRANSITION Paris Region (Paris Region Entreprises); Luis Miguel Macias Pereda, TRANSITION Basque Country (Social Innovation Park)

DISCOVER the Transition Travelers: Connemara Food Venture (TRANSITION Ireland West), Enabling Genius (TRANSITION London), Ocean Alive (TRANSITION Lisbon)