Season’s greetings from TRANSITION!

TRANSITION partners would like to thank all the travelers met during 2014 for the enriching path we went through together.

We are working to further improve the Social Innovation Journey  and welcome soon 180 social innovations willing to scale up in the coming months with the support of TRANSITION scaling centres.

A special wish goes to the social innovators we met during the year across Europe: let 2015 be full of inspiring ideas, creative innovations, concrete projects, powerful collaborations, and of course serious successes!

Before leaving you to the well-deserved holidays we would like to give you our Christmas Gifts..

Giftswe prepared an album of pictures, a video and a report summarising key moments and messages of our successful winter event: SI LIVE 

SI LIVE was a two-day international event exploring the future of social innovation research, incubation and action. Organized by TRANSITION, BENISI, TEPSIE and SI-Drive projects, the event gathered leading social innovators, academics and practitioners to discuss and explore the future research agenda for social innovation, how best to incubate and scale social innovations, and how the EU can help to strengthen and develop the field of social innovation in Europe.

We would also like to present you the  successful stories of two French projects supported by TRANSITION Paris Region/Le Booster de l’Innovation:

  • Simplon.Co (TRANSITION Paris Region) recently got the honourable mention at  the Gand Prix de L’Innovation (for social innovation),
  • Lygo (TRANSITION Paris Region) won the Bond’innov2014:!l-actualite-de-lygo-/c1ev8

And for those of you who are looking for a good reading for these holidays, here is the new report of the EC: Social Innovation – A decade of changes  discussing the general context in which policies and programmes have emerged and the developments which they relied upon to grow. It focuses on relevant changes that have occurred and are still ongoing.  It also suggests some recommendations for future policymakers.

We wish you all very nice days with your families and friends!

SEE YOU IN 2015!

Chiara, Robert, Philippe, David, Marta, Anna, Joe, Seamus, Ultan, Javier, Stuart, Greg, Madeleine, Sophie, Louise, Kine, Shagana, Catherine