3-6 March: Bilbao will be at the heart of the European Social Innovation debate. Social Innovation Academy & TRANSITION Spark Session

sc_basque1 During the 1st week of March, Bilbao will be at the very heart of the Social Innovation discussion in Europe.

The week will start with the Social Innovation Academy that DG Enterprise & Industry organized for the 30 semi-finalists of the second EU Social Innovation Competition (3-5 March 2014) to help them further develop their ideas.

Denokinn, on behalf of TRANSITION consortium, invites you to the Basque Country Spark Session, which will take place the 6th of March 2014 at the University of Deustoin (room GARATE).

Denokinn together with the Young Foundation (UK), POLIMI (Italy), WESTBIC (Ireland), PRICE (France) and New Factory (Finland) intends to identify 300 European experiences of social innovation and support them through dedicated scaling up activities.

During the Basque Country Spark Session, Denokinn will present INNICIA (www.inniciabizkaia.com), a “coompetition” organized by the Social Innovation Park (www.socialinnovationpark.com) to promote  social innovation in the Basque Country, and detect and select the first cohort of social innovations to be scaled up under TRANSITION programme.

More details about the Basque Country Spark Session are available here