Social Impact calls for social startups from Portugal and Spain

Social startup scholarship program supports portuguese and spanish startups
Dear Sir or Madam,

Already for the fourth time Social Impact calls for social startups from Portugal and Spain. Two teams have the chance to receive a financial and ideal scholarship and live for six months in Leipzig, Germany. Based at the Social Impact Lab Leipzig the program aims to enable young, motivated founders to change something crucial in their home country. Since the financial crisis especially Spain and Portugal are facing several social challenges – in particular the threatening youth unemployment has negative long-term consequences.
Social startups are a chance to solve those challenges with new and innovative business models and find solutions. Social Impact gGmbH and the swiss Drosos Foundation are building the bridge to Germany because unfortunately the social startup ecosystem in south-west Europe lacks infrastructure and support. The scholarship program aims to encourage people to actively become Social Entrepreneurs in their country and create their future themselves.

The next round will start on the first of July 2016. The deadline for applicants is the 24.04.2016.
Applications are to be handed in online.

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Click here to download the information kit including more details about the scholarship.
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