Social Innovation Incubation: practical lessons from TRANSITION project

TRANSITION partners would close this marvelous journey into social innovation and social innovation incubation by sharing with you our latest report presenting in a very practical way the results of 30 months of incubation practices.

“Social Innovation Incubation – Approaches and tools for supporting early-stage social innovators: an output of TRANSITION”

This report is intended as a document sharing learning from TRANSITION. It’s mainly aimed at other incubators and networks that are interested in supporting social innovators. The report shares TRANSITION’s guiding framework, the Social Innovation Journey; describes the dierent incubation models and methods we used; and gives an introduction to the tools that incubators found useful when working with social innovators. We have created a fuller compendium of tools online, the SIJ Toolbox.
We draw on data collected by partners over the course of the the 30-month project, including baseline and follow-up questionnaires and in-depth qualitative interviews with social innovators.

Hope you’ll enjoy the reading!

Stay tuned, the Journey continues with the European Social Innovation Incubation Network. Register online at

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