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What did you miss at “Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey” event?

To mark the end of the TRANSITION project, 2016 kicked off with a social innovation incubation conference –Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey. Drawing on some of the key lessons and tools developed as part of the TRANSITION project, the conference gathered different players from European social innovation incubation ecosystem(s):

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Join the 1st European Network for Social Innovation Incubators (ESIIN)

In the framework of the EBN TechCamp, this year as well the emphasis will be given to Social Innovation. TRANSITION team will bring you through the Social Innovation Journey (SIJ): an action format for social innovation incubation Why do we need a specific incubation path for social innovation? How tools and methods

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Incubation Immersion Journey Intellecap facilitates an immersion program for interested participants from around the world to showcase the diversity in the social enterprise incubation landscape in India, start dialogues and knowledge exchange with like-minded institutions on “What works in Social Enterprise Incubation”. Through the program participants will: Discuss learnings from

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TRANSITION & BENISI. Two projects, one goal: test, analyse, promote social innovation incubation in Europe

The coordinators of the two twin projects BENISI and TRANSITION have met last November with the aim to agree on the practical ways to collaborate. BENISI, Building a European Network of Incubators for Social Innovation, is a trans-European consortium that aims at identifying and highlighting 300 of the most promising, impacting

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Nesta is an independent charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. By providing investments and grants, practical programmes, mobilising research, networks and skills, Nesta supports innovation to help address our most pressing social and economic challenges.  Nesta is one of the world’s leading

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WP2: Shared Learning

This WP, led by NESTA, helps design the Spark Sessions and the support activities to ensure that good learning results can be gathered throughout the implementation and provide new evidence of the role of incubation and incubator networks in accelerating and scaling up social innovations in Europe. An analysis will

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