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The Strasbourg Declaration: empowering social entrepreneurs for innovation, inclusive growth and jobs

Last week, 16-17 January 2014, we were in Strasbourg together with 2000 social entrepreneurs and supporters of social enterprise to debate the role of social entrepreneurship in the future (and present) of Europe. See here the welcome message adressed by the EC President Barroso to the 2000 delegates. As stated in the

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Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say!

Have Your Say! is a 2-day event in Strasbourg on 16–17 January 2014 that will bring together all the stakeholders to discuss the issues we face. This is a great opportunity for all those interested in the field to come together, ”united in diversity“, to co-create a coherent pathway and

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London Spark Session: REGISTER NOW FOR FREE!

The 30th January 2014 TRANSITION project invites you to the first Spark Session: we’ll meet in London with social innovators, social entrepreneurs, social innovation incubators and several social innovation stakeholders. Experienced social innovators from the UK and beyond will come together to share experience, advice and stories of success. Organized

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