The RRI Toolkit is live! Join the Responsible Research and Innovation community

The RRI Tools consortium announced last week the beta version of the RRI Toolkit. After two years of work and the effort of many, you will find in it resources for the reflection, application, training and dissemination of Responsible Research and Innovation and its key issues.

RRI Tools has developed a Toolkit that
1) introduces a holistic framework for RRI

2) gathers more than 350 resources (tools, best practices,   articles…) useful for applying RRI

3) will contain specific guidelines on how to implement RRI in diverse contexts and

4) is a sustainable effort that will allow the community to contribute with their own resources and have fruitful discussions   during the following years.

Have a look to the Business and Industry landing page and discover how RRI can add value to your business by considering different processes (namely Diversity & Inclusion; Anticipation & Reflection; Openness & Transparency; Responsiveness & Adaptive Change), and policy agendas (namely gender equality, ethics, governance, open access, public engagement, science and education).

Discover the tools, the best practices and the information we have collected and organised in the Toolkit for Business and Industry. Join the community and help us making the toolkit a lively and dynamic place.

We look forward to welcome you in the RRI Community!