The Social Innovation Journey Toolbox is now available online!

TRANSITION partners developed and refined a series of tools to support social innovators at different stages of the Social Innovation Journey.

The SIJ has multiple entry and exit points: a social innovation project does not have to go through all the numbers, but can enter and exit along the Journey according to their stage of maturity and experience. Nevertheless, each step is a progression that requires the adoption of specific tools and competences, provided through the support of professional advices.

The tools were used to help them enhance their social impact and tackle complex issues in development and scaling.
The SIJ Toolbox presents a selection of them according to the 5 main areas of the journey: who, what, how-viability, how–feasibility and why-social impact.SIJ TOOLBOX_index

Each tool is introduced by a brief description that explains:

• what it is;
• why to use it;
• how to work with it;
• and when to use it.

A simplified template visualizes the sequence of actions and tasks and guides the social innovators to complete them.
Tools can be adapted to different contexts and different social innovations: most of them can be used by both early- and late-stage innovation. Nevertheless some tools require a wider knowledge of the sector and a deeper  development of the social innovation in order to express their full potentiality.

Access TRANSITION SIJ Toolbox in 2 easy steps:

  1. Check out the SIJ TOOLBOX introduction and instructions: INTRO SIJ toolbox
  2. Play with the 13 tools we have selected for you: SIJ TOOLS

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