TRANSITION Newsletter #4 is out!

After a short summer break, TRANSITION team is back at work.

We are now starting our last semester of activities and we have a lot to share, experience and discuss with social innovation and incubation practitioners.

It’s now time to harvest the fruits of 2 years work with 300 social innovators, supporting and empowering them to better and faster scale up across Europe.

We would refresh with you our latest achievements and invite 20852027291_c8e129963e_hyou to join us for the coming months, so to build a sustainable and powerful community of social innovation incubators.

After the successful launch event in Rome (29 May 2015), ESIIN has recently opened its online platform: an online meeting place for social innovation incubators willing to learn, share, engage to scale up social innovation across Europe.

Register now and be part of the community!

In this fourth issue of our newsletter you’ll find out more about ESIIN, our brand new TRANSITION Acceleration Programme, and the first issue of TRANSITION eMag.

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 ENJOY THE READING! Newsletter #4