TRANSITION Press Release #2: 1st TRANSITION Spark Session: London, 30 January 2014 – SAVE THE DATE!

Between January and April 2014 TRANSITION will organize six Spark Session Workshops in the six cities where TRANSITION Scaling Centres are located: London, Paris, Milan, Bilbao, Tampere and Galway.

During the TRANSITION Spark Sessions, participants will:

  • Connect with other people just like them to share ideas, challenges, and successes, and develop a support network with peers 
  • Meet the TRANSITION team in the local Scaling Centre, learn about the project, and hear from social innovation experts in the fields of design, business, modelling and technology
  • Learn more about opportunities available through TRANSITION, how one of our local Scaling Centres can support SI projects, and how to apply for this support

For us in the TRANSITION project team, Spark Sessions are a great opportunity to get to know you, and assess whether your project might be suitable for the programme.

sc_london1The first TRANSITION Spark Session will take place in London, on 30th January 2014: join us, and other entrepreneurs and innovators at a day-long inspirational workshop in London and spark new ideas, ignite new relationships and learn about the specialized incubation services developed by TRANSITION partners.

Read more: download here Press Release #2_TRANSITION UK Spark Session