Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey

CONFERENCE > Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey

February 5, 2016

Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, Brussels

Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey is going to kick off new year debate on Social Innovation Incubation.

Organised by TRANSITION project partners, the conference will connect different players of the European Social Innovation Incubation ecosystem(s): social innovators, incubators, investors, foundations, policy makers will be actively engaged in  a dynamic conversation on how to scale social impact in Europe.

Building on the challenges incubators and innovators faced going through the Social Innovation Journey (TRANSITION framework methodology), the conference will propose inputs for reflection and debate on how to improve the capacity of Europe to socially innovate and grow.

The conference is made of 3 main blocks:

  1. The journey “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

We’ll take you into the journey: TRANSITION will give a preview on SIJ methods and tools

We’ll also hear from inspiring practitioners, who will help us understanding the importance of undertaking such a journey, and how to get prepared in order to scale and generate greater impact.

  1. The challenges “Be prepared” Robert Baden-Powell

We experienced ourselves several challenges and obstacles that made our journey more complex and even more interesting, forcing us to look for alternative routes, new instruments and alliances. We will share with you some of the challenges we faced at different stages of the Social Innovation Journey:

The WHY stage > Scaling Impact

The WHO stage > Define and Identify Social Innovations

The WHAT stage > Multi-stakeholders Engagement

The HOW stage > Sustainable Paths for Social Innovations

Together with “TRANSITION outsiders”, moving from our concrete experience, we will engage the audience into group discussions on how to better face these challenges.

  1. The destination “The end of one journey is simply the start of another” Josè Saramago

We’ll take some time to reflect all together on the results achieved, we’ll celebrate some of TRANSITION success stories and we’ll prepare for the next Journey, the European Social Innovation Incubation Network

During the event you’ll also have the chance to meet 20 social innovators that took part in TRANSITION Social Innovation Journey (incubation programme) and the Transnational Start-up Lab (acceleration programme). The 20 Social Innovators will participate in an international training and financing event which will take place in Brussels on February 4th.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and visit Brussels based social innovation incubation players: Make Sense/Sense Cube

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Please take note that the participation in the conference also includes an explicitly acceptance of the publication of event photos and videos.

Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey

What is in it for:

Incubators & support organizations

Ø  Networking

Ø  Knowledge Sharing

Ø  Tools & Methods


Policy Makers

Ø  Networking

Ø  Getting latest updates on Social Innovation Incubation: 6 regional experiences, 1 transnational network

Ø  Recommendations from practitioners on how to improve the Social Innovation Ecosystem in Europe

Social Innovators

Ø  Networking

Ø  Visibility

Ø  Access to expertise



Ø  Networking

Ø  Connect with practice, test theories with practitioners

Ø  Tools & Methods

TRANSITION partners:

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