The conference is made of three main blocks:

  1. The journey “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

We’ll take you on a  journey, providing attendees an insight into the SIJ methods and tools developed as part of our 30 month project.

We’ll also hear from inspiring practitioners, who will help us understand the importance of undertaking such a journey, as they share their accounts of working to scale and generate greater impact.

  1. The challenges

Drawing on some of the challenges and obstacles encountered, we will discuss how our framework methodology, the Social Innovation Journey,  was developed iteratively, forcing us to look for alternative routes, new instruments and alliances to achieve project goals.

As part of the group working sessions, TRANSITION practitioners will share some of the key challenges  faced at different stages of the Social Innovation Journey (outlined below). Groups will then have the opportunity to respond to the challenges, considering the role key stakeholders (policymakers, investors, incubators, etc.) could play in effectively addressing them:

The WHY stage > Scaling Impact

The WHO stage > Define and Identify Social Innovations

The WHAT stage > Multi-stakeholders Engagement

The HOW stage > Sustainable Paths for Social Innovations

  1. The destination “The end of one journey is simply the start of another” José Saramago

We’ll take some time to reflect on the results achieved, we’ll celebrate some of TRANSITION success stories and we’ll prepare for the next Journey, the European Social Innovation Incubation Network.