WP1: Scaling Up Innovations

This WP, led by the Young Foundation, is the core of the project. Its focus is the scaling up of around 300 social innovation ideas through a focused range of activities:

12 “Spark Session” workshops, delivered at the beginning of each round of scaling, having a dual purpose:

  1. To act as the initial dissemination vehicle to announce and promote the project and attract social innovation ideas to the project
  2. To act as the first delivery of scaling support, on a mass-scale, with the desired outcome of identifying a smaller number of SIs that can be taken into the intensive support programme.

Two rounds of scaling support (phase 1 staring in month 6, phase 2 starting in month18) based on:

  1. A call for proposals to augment the list of SIs attracted to the Spark Sessions
  2. An assessment of the proposals to identify those who can benefit from support
  3. An intensive support package (up to 10 months) to help scale-up and transfer the SIs between locations